A little rant about Moncton (city)

I will remind frequent readers of this blog that I am a big supporter of Moncton. I think it’s a great city to live and work and as I have lived in seven other cities in my life – I think I can speak with a little authority on the subject.

However, I have just been exposed to the dark underbelly of the City of Moncton and I would like to vent a bit. This is my perogative as a resident.

I just moved downtown into a glorious old house. Big, beautiful and somewhat costly – although half what it would be in downtown Halifax. So, I pull up into my garage on the first day and the arse end of my Sienna van is slightly over the sidewalk. I go into the house and five minutes later come out to find a $30 ticket for parking on the sidewalk.

Now, this is not why I want to vent. Although, I was expecting the Welcome Wagon and instead I got a kick in the arse – thanks a bunch.

No, my complaint is with By-Law #T-102.

You see, I had a good idea. While paying for this egregious violation, I would ask the city to provide me with a list of key by-laws that I could read and make sure that I wouldn’t face the wrath of the eager Commissionairre again. So I am told curtly to go to the City web site and download By-Law #T-102.

It’s 97 pages.

Welcome to Moncton.

Here’s a tip for the long winded, bloviating City Hall employees that salivate when they get to write up these things.

How about a summary? You know. When you come by the house to welcome me to Moncton with the flowers and brochures – how about a little 2 pager that has 20-30 of the key by-laws summarized?

Does the city realize expect all new residents (and old ones for that matter) to plow through 97 pages? I might read this beast just out of curiosity.

If the city wants to attract people and grow its population – particularly its downtown – it should make a little more effort to be nice. Let’s try and not turn off every new resident with vulturous Commissionaires, unweildy by-laws and curt city employees.

Just be nice.

Send around the welcome wagon? Hey, some cities do this, you know?

Just nice.

Sort of like my attitude towards Al Hogan 🙂