Who lobbies for the economy?

I heard the political panel on CBC this afternoon. I was absolutely amazed that all three, the Liberal, the PC and the NDP all were supportive of the government’s decision (non-decision) on the issue of the Jaakko Poyry Consulting report and forestry management in New Brunswick. Andre Veniot, the supposed Liberal on the panel, criticized Liberal leader Shawn Graham for supporting the ‘industry’ on this.

When Irving, UPM-Kymmene or any of the other large forestry companies in New Brunswick start closing their plants and laying off thousands of people (like Nackawic), I hope Veniot, Taylor and the NDP lady will be prepared to shoulder some of the blame. They, in effect, help shape public opinion on issues such as this.

The forestry industry is a critical economic driver for the province. The industry is sending a very clear message. The government is delaying and the pundits are calling for politicians to ‘stand up’ to the industry. ‘Fight for the rights of New Brunswickers’.

Get ready to ramp up the Employment Insurance program, again, in the province if Veniot, Taylor and the NDP lady get their way on this issue.

Who will stand up for jobs and economic growth? Jaakko Poyry Consulting, a very reputable unbiased consultant, concluded that more timber could be cut without threatening the ecosystem and the long term supply.

I come back to the point of a previous blog. If not forestry, then what? What industries will be ‘planted’ in New Brunswick to fix our economic mess?
No doubt the ‘three stooges’ on CBC’s Friday political panel will find some way to criticize any attempt at economic development.