No, that’s not my pseudonym

A gentleman by the name of Bernard Landry wrote a letter to the editor of the Telegraph-Journal today entitled Immigration: jobs first, people second.

Now, either Mr. Landry reads this blog (which is doubtful) or he is one of a select few in this province that gets it. Here’s a quote:

There are no jobs now for our own workers. That’s why many are leaving this region in the first place.Why don’t these premiers spend their time and effort trying to get those who left to come back? Get Ford, GM, Honda, etc., to set up shop in our region. Get other big manufacturers to come here. Get all the federal jobs we have lost to move back here. Get the Armed Forces bases back here instead of shutting them all down. Get shipbuilding contracts for our yards. The push for green energy and the related work could sit right here in our back yard. Let’s offer lower taxes for an incentive to companies.

Gosh. Somebody from Rexton that gets it?

Hope springs eternal.