Monthly labour market report

I don’t know if I just missed it, but usually the Times & Transcript raves about the booming economy every month when Statistics Canada releases its monthly labour force survey. I didn’t see a mention of this month’s report. No matter. I’ll give you the unvarnished numbers.

There were 354,000 people working in New Brunswick during May (seasonally adjusted) compared to 335,000 in May of 1999. Over a six year period, only 19,000 more people working in the province (and a large chunk of those are public servants). Nova Scotia, by contrast, added over 33,000 jobs.

The growth of employed persons in New Brunswick during that six year period was 5.9% compared to 8.1% in Nova Scotia and almost 11% on PEI. And don’t forget about Alberta whose employment has risen 15.5% or British Columbia at 12.9%. Then there’s the perennial favourite Ontario at 11% and even Quebec grew its employed workforce by almost 10% during that time frame.

So, once again where’s the prosperity?