Mapleton – Part II

The Times & Transcript’s feature letter to the editor today entitled “City council needs lesson in democracy” suggests that the opposition to the development of a housing/commercial development at the corner of Mapleton Road and the TCH (on land zoned as highway commercial) is about democracy. It suggest that “Tearing apart our parklands” will be met with horrible vengeance by the public during the next election.

This is not about democracy. It’s about a few trouble makers exaggerating and distorting an issue for personal gain. If the public buys in to this notion of ‘tearing apart parklands’, it will be because of a very small cabal of folks who seem to be hellbent on tearing down efforts by the city to move things forward.

Again, and I say again, if all these naysayers would just put the facts on the table (i.e our old friend Al) and let the public decide in a fair way if this was a serious error in judgement or just developing land in the city in a balanced fashion, we would all be better off. But insinuating with great verbosity and highly inflammatory rhetoric that this is atrocious, tearing, rending or any other violent metaphor they want to use just confuses people (as it did me initially).

Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.
-William Shakespeare