Disclaimer about Bricklin

Just a quick disclaimer about the piece on CBC radio this morning. I am not suggesting that Premier Hatfield was a great supporter of economic development or even that the Bricklin project was a good one, per se. I am just stating that it was a bold attempt to do something, anything to create new jobs and new industries in the province.

I’ll leave the full critique of Premier Hatfield and Bricklin to those that were there (I was a eight when the Bricklin deal went south).

I hope I got you thinking a bit about this stuff.

1 thought on “Disclaimer about Bricklin

  1. HI Dave:
    I wasn’t much older than you when the Bricklin was being produced, but I do remember a couple of things. First, in typical Canadian fashion, we all made fun of it. (Nothing good can come out of the Maritimes, Right?) Second, I believe we were selling these things to the Americans as fast as we could make them . Malcolm Bricklin was not an engineer like Deloren was, but “just” a visionary. He could have used some engineering help in designing and the producing the cars fast enough and reliable enough to meet the market demands.
    Yes!, it is time for a new “Bricklin”. Let’s get “out of the box” again. Retail stores and shopping are not going to see us into the future forever.

    PS: Now that you are on CBC, are you famous?

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