Bravo to the TJ

Is it possible to have such a difference between two papers with the same owner? The Times & Transcript, at least in its editorial bent, reminds me of a tabloid – I’m just waiting for the T&T Girl/Guy to pop up on the front page.

Whereas the Telegraph Journal exudes a thoughtful editorial approach that tackles issues and does not just settle with transcribing government press releases.

Consider the TJ editorial on the forestry management issue. Here’s a quote”

Putting off major decisions on timber objectives for two years, as the Conservatives have chosen to do, is an abdication of responsibility. The government has all the information it needs to set new policy. What it needs is the courage to start governing.

Now, some might say this is the ‘Irvings’ talking through their mouthpiece. But, your’s truly prefers to talk a less cynical view. The TJ is finally starting to wake up to the fact that this province is drifting and has been for years – especially when it comes to issues of economic growth and development.

I hope that the TJ starts digging deeper. I hope it starts to expose the population problem. I hope it really digs into the lack of investment problem (come to think of it, without the Irving’s investments in recent years, this problem would have been a lot worse).

Lisa Hrabluk is already starting to ask some intelligent questions.

Maybe slowly we’ll start to get a little leadership – grass roots style.