Apology for name calling

I feel I must apologize for calling certain kinsd of anti-government economists ‘pinheads’ in a previous blog. Merriam-Webster defines a pinhead as “a very dull or stupid person”. If it makes them feel any better, I meant it in the Hellraiser the movie context where Pinhead was an evil being that dominated people with pain and suffering.

I should avoid name calling. These neo-Schumpeterians, Austrian economists, Hayekians, Von Misesians, public choice theorists, classic liberals and libertarians have enough names already.

But I still would ask them to take New Brunswick out of the petri dish and realize that in the real world, governments have played a very important role in rehabilitating remedial economies such as the one we have here in New Brunswick.

And I think that most taxpayers, if properly consulted and briefed, would support government investing significantly more of our tax dollars into a long term fix for our economic problems.