Saint John, then and now

Just stumbled across an article that states in the 1860s “Saint John was the largest city in the Maritimes with about 42 000 inhabitants, comparable in size to Qu├ębec City or Toronto at that time.” 150 years later, Saint John only has 68,000 inhabitants. Even Fredericton has grown its population 8x since that period in our history.

I have looked at U.S. Census data and 1860s Saint John was 21st in all of North America for populuation size. 21st! Ahead of Washington, San Francisco, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the list goes on.

Saint John in the 1860s was among the most dominant cities in North America.

Now Saint John is 94% smaller than Detroit (by population).

As I have documented elsewhere, Saint John County had more population in 1955 than today.

I, for one, want to see Saint John re-emerge as a serious urban area in Canada – an economic engine.

Stop this tiddling around on the margin.