Injecting perspective into the language debate

There is nothing like a good ‘stat’ to take out some of the emotion surrounding an issue and inject some perspective.

On the Census in 2001 people where asked about the language used at their place of work. Over 37,000 Anglophones in the community answered they only spoke English at work compared to only 6,300 that spoke English and French. That’s 14% of Anglophones who spoke French at their place of employment. Considering that 25% of Anglophones in Greater Moncton claim to be bilingual – I think you can safely say that for most jobs (excluding government and some service positions) the ability to speak French is a bonus but not a requirement.

If you turn the equation around, however; you get a different story. Of the Francophones in Greater Moncton, almost 86% are required to speak English at their place of employment.
One more quick stat. From 1991 to 2001, there was an increase of 12,500 Anglophones that were living in Greater Moncton and only 7,100 more Francophones.

These 12,500 Anglophones came from places like Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

So I think we can conclude that while there may be some examples of folks having difficulty finding employment because of a lack of French language skills, it is by no means a wide spread problem.