Hrabluk turns up the heat

For those of you, like me, that follow how journalists cover politicians it is interesting when they seem to change their position. I am particularly interested in journalists in New Brunswick and how they cover economy-related issues.

As I have stated before, Lisa Hrabluk in the Telegraph-Journal seems to be one of the brighter lights on the provincial journalism scene. However, her approach to reporting of economic issues and the government’s Prosperity Plan has been very superficial. She once and a while will lob a gentle softball towards it, but for the most part, she falls in line with most of the other journalists in New Brunswick that seem to have stars in their eyes when it comes to the Prosperity Plan and the economic development direction of New Brunswick.

However, her last couple of commentaries have been more biting. This weekend, she wrote a commentary called Political expediency bumps political philosophy and it was fairly critical and even, one might say, cranky.

What’s next? Jacques Poitras writing a new book, The Wrong Fight? How about Al Hogan at the Times & Transcript making a critical comment related to the Prosperity Plan? Heaven forbid.

If the journalists turn on the Premier, watch out. Just ask Camille Theriault what happens next.