Countering elitism in economic development

I know I have covered this in previous blogs but it is worth mentioning again. Minacs, the call centre firm with a major facility in Riverview, is looking to expand – according to the newspaper today. Someone remarked to me about the ‘low end’ call centre jobs. Who would want to work there, they say. We need more high end jobs, they say.

Where are these ‘high end’ jobs coming from? Instead of complaining, tell us how to bring in the ‘high end’ jobs. 70% of the jobs created in Arizona (the fastest growing region of North America) were below average wage jobs.

If we can’t find the people to work in call centres, then maybe there is a nice tie-in to the immigration strategy. There are probably a number of Indian or other immigrant workers who would willingly work in call centres at $25,000 to $30,000 per year.