CBC’s annual phone in on rural development

I won’t be able to hear the CBC Maritime Noon phone in on ‘what it would take to drive rural economic development’ this Friday. This seems to be an annual Maritime Noon topic and when I have heard it, there is almost no mention of the solution that is staring us right in the face.

Jobs. That’s what it would take to ‘drive’ rural economic development. We need ten more Michelins strategically positioned in rural areas around Nova Scotia (or New Brunswick or PEI for that matter).

When was the last time the NS government (or NB or PEI, etc.) invested in a project anywhere near the size of Michelin?

Until we get serious about building new industries to replace the old ones, we will not have any development in rural Atlantic Canada.

It’s too bad that I won’t be around to hear the phone in. I can guarantee there will be some calling for ‘small business support’. Others talking about ‘tourism’. Still more talking about ‘immigration’. Some might throw in ‘education’. Still more may complain about the ‘roads’. I wonder if anyone will mention Michelin.

I just wonder.