Cake and eat it too

All I can say is that Atlantic Canadians are a different bunch. The Fraser Intitute recently did a survey of Canadians to assess their beliefs on a variety of issues. As expected, Albertans were for less government, lower taxes, more privatization, etc. But Atlantic Canadians, well, we want it all. For example:

  • We want tax cuts – 84% of Atlantic Canadians stated their standard of living would increase if taxes were reduced (by far the highest rate among the regions in Canada).
  • But, much more than another region (Quebec was second), Atlantic Canadians agreed with the statement: “The government should take more responsibility for the economic well-being of its citizens.”
  • Much more than any other region, Atlantic Canadians agreed with the statement “The loss of some freedom is a small price to pay for government ensuring that everyone is provided for.”
  • 50% of Atlantic Canadians said it was the government’s responsibility to provide for people in their retirement – the highest rate in the country. Only 30% of Saskatchewanians believe this.
  • 77% of Atlantic Canadians stated that people should be able to buy health services from any provider – this was the highest rate among the regions in Canada.

So, in a nutshell, Atlantic Canadians want less taxes, more government services, more privatization, more government control.