Al Hogan’s love fest

Al Hogan over at the T&T was gushing again this morning about the New Brunswick government’s move to make student loans more accessible. On this one we agree (less the gushing). However, I will bring up the additional caution that I always do when discussing education funding.

If 30%-50% of your university graduates leave the province, all of this effort is just to subsidize someone else’s labour market.

Imagine. The government will pay thousands per year per kid* to subsidize education costs and nickels and dimes to ensure there are jobs here when these kids actually graduate.

Welcome to Al Hogan’s version of Nirvana.

*”direct spending per per student in kindergarten to Grade 12 will have gone up by $1,598 or 33.1% since 1999.” Source: Post-Budget Report to New Brunswickers.