Immigration drives growth or vice versa?

Another dispatch from Phoenix. A couple of lessons can be learned here, I think. In the past 15 years something like one million people have moved here – Mexicans, Chinese, other Latin Americans, other Americans. There was no formal immigration ‘strategy’, no relocation team, nada. The economy is booming, people move here.

There’s a lesson for New Brunswick in there somewhere….

However, I tend to believe that despite our redneck tendencies, we are still a much more tolerant society. In Arizona, there are now ‘volunteer’ border patrols made up of Arizona citizens that are monitoring the border for illegal aliens trying to sneak into the U.S. Funny, none of these border guards have names like Gonzalez or Lopez.

And yet they move here (legally and illegally) in droves.

Here’s an idea. Let’s get New Brunswick’s economy growing again and invite those Mexicans to move up north. Climate aside, there will be less chance of the kind of racial intolerance preached by Lou Dobbs and the other immigrant bashers down here.