Gaining some traction

The winds of change may just be blowin’in New Brunswick (reference my last blog). Traditionally, there have been two schools of thought when it comes to economic development in the province. One says bring on the pogey, more EI, more Equalization, more welfare (NDP/Union policy for the province). The other says cut them off. As you know, I am calling for a third way.

If we can find a way to siphon off some of the billions in welfare and take that fraction and put it into growth oriented investments (infrastructure, education, attracting top companies, etc.) we just might turn this ship around.

With the current government bragging about marginal tax cuts and allocating 75% of all new spending to health care & education expenses – there is not much left over for investments.

There’s a new crop of thinkers floating around. I won’t name them here lest I embarrass them. These men and women are pondering, thinking (and heaven forbid maybe even reading this blog) and ultimately realizing that the current course we are on is leading to a dead end.

They are politicians, selected journalists, academics and just concerned citizens. Unfortunately, they are not associated with NextNB or any of these other self-interested lobby groups posing as being interested in the wellbeing and future of the province (if you don’t believe the self-interested part read all the poop coming out of NextNB – it is just an apology for more money for UNB without any tangible justification). Note to UNB – you are not soley the answer to New Brunswick’s economic problems. If you were, we wouldn’t be in this mess. By the way, UNB, how many real entrepreneurs have you spawned in the past ten years? How much of your research has led to multimillion dollar companies employing hundreds of New Brunswickers? Just a question. When I look at Waterloo and other universities I see thousands of direct jobs as a result of their research efforts. When I look at UNB, I see, hmmm. UNB would be wise to sidle up to their ‘poor’ cousin at UdeM – if it’s not beneath them. When I look around Moncton at the top entrepreneurs and emerging companies, I see UdeM grads (think Speilo, Dovico, etc.). That’s a true measure of a university’s value.

My, was that ever a digression. Sorry to lay it on UNB so thick but I really think it’s time to stop with all the erudition and start talking about the real issues.

I’ll keep blogging, adding my little voice to the growing chorus (let’s call it a quartet or so) and maybe one day…..