Don’t raise the ire of the T&T

We all know what can happen when you get the Times and Trashscript mad. Just ask the proponents of the Fredericton-Moncton toll highway. Or the auto insurance industry. Or, more recently, the provincial decision not to build a ‘cath’ lab in Moncton.

If you raise their ire, you can expect dozens of stories, day after day, same issue – slightly different coverage, over and over again – until they get the action they see or give up the fight (this last one is rare – there were something like 37 stories on the toll highway during a two month period in 1999).

So, today I read, like all of us, that NB Power will be raising its rates by something like 7% in the next few months. For me, this will end up costing me more than any rise in auto insurance premiums. NB Power better hope that the T&T forgets about this one quickly. Otherwise, they are in for a beating. Day in and day out – a hammering on ineptitude and ‘idiocy’.

But, I am told, for the T&T to get this personal (like tolls, cath, insurance), someone at the top has to get angry. And because they go out of their way to limit their criticisms of the Premier, I expect you will see very little more about this issue – even though it will affect you more than the ‘cath’ lab, more than the toll highway and, yes, for most of us, even more than increasing auto insurance rates.

When you’re into propoganda and not news, you have to pick and choose.