Who will stand up to the T&T?

I make no secret that I think the editorial board of the Times & Transcript thinks it shapes government policy from the We Say page of their newspaper. And they have some reason to think this. In the past, when they have vehemently argued for something – for the most part it finds its way into the government’s policy.

I take offense to this only because they are not using this platform to force the government to get serious about economic development. In fact, they have on many occassions endorsed the government’s economic policy – which is probably why nothing is being done.

The latest example of this is now playing out on the We Say page of the Times & Transcript. They (or should I say We Say) have decided that they will get a catheterization laboratory for the city. They have been running inflammatory stories this week using rhetoric such as: Lack of Moncton heart lab ‘almost laughable’ and Heart lab study biased: specialist.

Today they have turned the rhetoric up to maximum with the Who will stand up for the public? editorial. In it, they say (We Say) How many people must die before Metro Moncton’s MLAs will begin representing the public’s interest?

This over the top posturing is sure to stir up at least some public sentiment forcing Lord and his Moncton MLAs to rethink and ultimately put this lab in Moncton.

Why am I even talking about this?

Because, just think if these ‘king makers’ turned their sights on the province’s economic problems.

We might just get some action.