Tip your hat to Malcolm Bricklin

The story of Malcolm Bricklin is the stuff of legend in New Brunswick. Now there is a new movie coming out about his attempt to manufacture Bricklin cars in New Brunswick.

Like most New Brunswickers, until recently I bristled upon hearing the name of Malcolm Bricklin. He was the guy who wasted $25 million of taxpayers money and then up and left the province, leaving nothing behind except shattered dreams of an auto sector in New Brunswick and a trail of bills.

However, age brings perspective. My new feeling on this is that Hatfield and Bricklin were right to try this. Yeah, it failed. But $25 million? Come on. We paid out more than that in EI income support last year in the Acadian Peninsula alone.

At least they tried. That’s more than I can say with the current crowd. Think about it. In the 1970s when this grand experiment was started – New Brunswick still had a growing population – and a relatively solid economy. And they still made a bold and daring move to try and grow the economy. Now, three decades later, we have a declining population, a precarious economy and these yahoos have ordered the removal of the words ‘bold’ and ‘daring’ from the provincial dictionary.

I hear that Malcolm Bricklin is back. He is now looking to import cars from China at 30% below the current North America prices. I wish him well.

It’s too bad we ran him out of town.