The Doctor is in

A few months ago, my six year old son decided he really wasn’t interested in eating anymore. Oh, he would eat a few bites and then say he was full. This went on for some time and we tried everything. Finally, at the end of our rope, we took him to the doctor.

She put him up on her examining table and looked in his mouth, ears, hit him with a hammer, et. al. and then said – “Son, you need to start eating”.

From that point on, my son has ate everything on his plate – and asked for more.

You see, sometimes we need an expert (a doctor), someone with credibility to tell us what we need to hear. Everyone around us may be telling us the same thing, but we need that outside advice.

Sometimes, governments need a doctor.

For our region’s economic health, the doctor is in. He’s Steve Dempsey and Fred Morley at the Greater Halifax Partnership, he’s Frank Tenhave at Enterprise Fundy in Sussex, he’s Neil Jacobson at Enterprise Saint John and he’s definitely Kevin Bulmer at ACOA.

You see. We have some of the top minds in economic development right here in Atlantic Canada.

The problem is – they don’t control the purse strings. They are not the policy makers. They are not the politicians.

If let loose and empowered, these top minds (and many others in the region) could set about the business of bringing this economy back from the brink.

The doctor is in. And if you listen to his (gender neutral) advice, you will start on the road to recovery.

And if you’re nice you might just get a lollipop as well.

PS – the time has never been better. I heard on the CBC tonight a number of top western Canadian-biased talking heads saying that the new ‘deal’ for Newfoundland and Labrador would cause serious problems for the Liberal government Ontario West. These folks were at the ‘end of their rope’. Unless we initiate a plan that moves Atlantic Canada from dependency to self sufficiency – this emerging, get tough mindset from Western Canada is going to catch up to us. And then get ready for some real carnage as they slash EI, cut subsidies, trim equalization and initiate a ‘tough love’ policy.