Environmentalists – Please don’t miss the point

The UNB Environmental Society is hosting a Youth Environmental Symposium (YES) later this week in Fredericton. The preamble for their conference reads as follows:

Historically, Atlantic Canada has been left behind… We have less investment, fewer industries, higher unemployment, and among other things, we are generally slow to catch on to national trends, including the environment. The Ultimate Goal of YES is to engage, educate, stimulate, and empower youth across Atlantic Canada to forge a brighter, greener, healthier future.

Based on this introductory paragraph, it seems that this group does understand the key issues facing the region. However, up to now, most environmental groups focus on criticizing and complaining but they don’t offer real, concrete solutions.

If they want us to close the aquaculture industry, cut the forestry sector, eliminate many of our traditional smokestack industries, etc. What do they propose in its place?

To gain real credibility and traction among both the public and policy makers, these environmental groups need to come forward with a tangible and realistic plan to address the issues they have identified – less investment, fewer industries, higher unemployment, etc.

Maybe this symposium will result in some valuable insight.

Then again, participants are asked to bring ‘acoustic musical instruments’ and sleeping bags.

You never know…..