True Colours

This is a blog about economic matters but I can’t help but comment on the Times & Transcripts blatant defense of Premier Lord in Saturday’s paper.

Now anyone who reads the T&T realizes that it is stronly supportive of Premier Lord and his policies. In fact, there is some speculation that many of the Premier’s policies are formulated after reading the editorial pages of the T&T – a sort of symbiotic relationship.

However, I was blown away by their We Say entitled Graham hurt House’s dignity. Now I am not a big supporter of any political party – I support ideas and vision. But this We Say crosses any line of media impartiality. I, and many of my colleagues, listened on the radio to the exchange between the Premier and various opposition members. We heard him say the words ‘bend over’ apparently quoting an opposition member’s comments. We heard him make a slur directly targeted at New Brunswick’s only aboriginal MLA. And to a man/woman we were blown away by the lack of poise and dignity shown by the Premier – who I might add has previously shown more poise and polish than that. My only thought when hearing his comments was that if my staunchly conservative (note the small ‘c’) parents heard his vulgar language, they would probably instantly have convulsions. My parents, like many older conservatives, have the Premier type-cast as a nice, Catholic boy with a good upbringing – butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

A heap of lead would melt in his mouth now.

And for his propaganda arm, the Times & Transcript, to defend these actions is unbelievable. They state, and I quote: “And anyone who knows the premier knows that the man doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and, in fact, goes to great lengths to show all people he meets and deals with great respect and consideration, whether he agrees with them or not.” That sounds like it was penned by the Premier or his office directly – not by the editorial board of a credible newspaper.

By the way, T&T propagandists, these outburts in the Legislature are exactly where the public gets a real look at a ‘man’s’ character or his ‘bones’ as you put it. Put someone under fire and they show their true colours.

And no amount of deflecting onto Shawn Graham or anyone else will take away from that.