Settling into the new Normalcy

I just heard on the CBC that a new study in Nova Scotia predicts that there will not be a teacher shortage after all (there had been one predicted) because the declining number of teachers will be offset by the declining number of students. Phew. That’s a relief. Good to know we aren’t facing a shortage.

Has it come to this? Why wasn’t everyone’s reaction the same as mine? Why aren’t the warning bells going off all over Nova Scotia?

It would be interesting to find out just how low they think they can go. How many plant closures” How much out migration? How many people on permanent EI?

The new normalcy is that our decline is inevitable – get used to it – or so it seems.

If I had been hired to write that study on the potential of teacher shortages in Nova Scotia, I would have retitled my final report to read: “The Potential of Teacher Shortage Averted. However, Research Uncovers New Problem. Shortage of People”.