Food industry needs to get ‘healthy’

Did you know there are over 400 companies employing some 16,000 in New Brunswick in the food production business? Over 100 of them are right here in Greater Moncton. It is a major economic generator for the province.

However, according to one expert, New Brunswick’s food companies have been very slow to embrace the health food market even though the industry is one of the fastest growing in the world with global sales of over $300 billion per year.

For example, many of our seafood processors could be extracting oil from fish livers to serve the fast growing market for Omega oils.

From an economic development perspective, I have to ask where is the provincial government on this issue? Why aren’t they encouraging producers to look at this untapped market?

‘Innovation’ is the buzzword in New Brunswick from the Premier’s Office right on down. Everyone loves to throw it around like it means something. However, when it comes to this very practical application of innovation in one of New Brunswick’s top industries – there is almost no effort to make anything happen.