Dieppe, you can learn from Dieppe

The title of this blog is not a typo or misspelling. The goal of this blog is to recommend that Dieppe (and Greater Moncton) learn from the successes of the past decade and expand the environment for that success to a broader pool of potential movers to the community.

According to the latest tax base figures, Dieppe has passed Miramichi and is now the fourth largest municipality in the province (based on the total tax base of the community and not the population). The Mayor of Dieppe stated that the fact the community has been able to attract Acadians from other parts of New Brunswick has been a key element of their success.

The problem is that the supply of Acadians from Northern New Brunswick is very limited. I wouldn’t be hinging my long term growth plans on the further evacuation of the Acadian Peninsula. Firstly, this is not good economic development policy for the province. One community’s gain is another community’s loss – leading to no overall growth for the province.

We need to figure out why Dieppe has been such a good receptor for folks moving in from Northern New Brunswick – it is obviously tied to language, culture, community, etc. Then we need to take that learning and adapt it for a much larger potential pool of movers to New Brunswick – namely other Canadians and immigrants.