N.B. leads in job growth – the spin of the Times and Transcript

I get a chuckle every month when Statistics Canada publishes its Labour Market Survey. When it shows bad numbers for New Brunswick, they (the Times and Transcript) try and find another positive trend. When it shows good numbers they hold it up as a great success for the province. As I have pointed out elsewhere, our employment growth has been tepid at best since 1999 and the other economic problems facing this province are very serious. The Times and Transcript continues to gloss over these issues (mostly not even touching them at all) and for some bizarre reason is attempting to paint a rosy picture of the economy of New Brunswick. And as we all know the current government formulates its policy based on what is written in the newspapers (hint – want to keep your rural hospital open? Just get the Times and Transcript on board). Therefore, the lack of provincial focus on economic development should be laid (at least partially) at the feet of the Times and Transcript and to a lesser extent the Daily Gleaner and the Telegraph Journal.