How long before ‘New Government’ gets old?

It’s seems I’m not the only one curious about the ‘new government’ label:

How long before ‘New Government’ gets old?
Tories hang on to fresh label
National Post

Jan 25

No matter how old it gets, Canada’s New Government — always capitalized — seems to be everywhere. It is the government’s ubiquitous slogan in Conservative press releases, on the lips of Cabinet ministers , even on the coun t r y ’s supposedly non-partisan official Web site.

Even this week, with the oneyear anniversary of his election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper read out a grocery list of accomplishments that made it sound as if his party had been in power for eons — all the while referring to the Conservatives as Canada’s New Government.
For anyone who thought being in power for a year might convince them to shelve their slogan, all the evidence is to the contrary.