“Mr Dithers” and his distracting “fiscal cafeteria”

This is the title of an Economist magazine article this week. Now, the Economist is just about the most respected business magazine in the world – and now they are jumping on Paul Martin and the ‘ditherer’ label.

Just for fun, I did a little Internet search on Paul Martin (as prime minister) and ‘dither’ and found literally hundreds of references to Paul Martin being a ditherer. From the mainstream media to blogs, it seems that this label is beginning to stick.

The Economist writer says that Prime Minister Martin “cannot quite shake off the impression that Canada’s top job is too big for him.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word ‘dither’ means:
to act nervously or indecisively : vacillate – dith·er·er

Sounds a lot like New Brunswick’s Premier (think auto insurance, NB Power, etc.).

The dictionary lists ‘resolve’ and ‘settle’ as antonyms for dither.

Two qualities that are becoming less and less apparent in modern politicians.

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