LeBrun and Alston: Treat economic recovery like pandemic recovery

Some people have a knack for boiling things down to their essence.

MG and I spoke with David Alston and Marcel LeBrun this weekend for the Growing Pains with David Campbell podcast and they did not beat around the bush.

They are worried the economic recovery might be considerably slower than people imagine and that the longer term implications for entrepreneurship and the taking of entrepreneurial risk could be problematic.

They want a war room in every community focused on actions to foster economic recovery.

We have a ‘recovery rate’ for Covid-19 patients.  They want communities to monitor a recovery rate for businesses (i.e. did 89% survive? 92%?).

They want hard timelines for the opening of various industries.  It is impossible for firms to plan for restarting when they do not have a clear timeline – products need to be purchases, staff need to be trained on new safety protocols, etc.  They understand if there is a new breakout and the timelines need to be adjusted but until such time they would like to see: Target open date – Hair Dressers May xx, Summer Camps, May xx, Restaurants May xx, etc.  I agree with them on this.

We had one fire to put out (Covid-19) and now we face a second fire (the economy).

Read Alston and LeBrun’s original article in Huddle here.

Hope you take the opportunity to listen to our discussion and provide feedback.  The podcast will be out soon.