My intellectual journey takes a slightly new direction

I am very happy to announce that I have been asked to join the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration at the Université de Moncton as a Research Fellow.  For me this is an exciting new direction.  it will entail me working on several public policy-related projects per year and presenting findings at selected conferences.  It is a nice supplement to my existing project work and other writings.

I will be collaborating with a top notch bunch of researchers.  This is very important to me as I have been looking for a more formal venues to challenge my views related to economic development.  This blog provides an informal way and I have had many, many conversations with people who also spend their days thinking about similar things (i.e. Kurt Peacock, Michael Haan, et. al.) but my affiliation with Marc Duhamel and his Institute will provide me with this needed intellectual oxygen.

The CIRPPPA is moving in an interesting direction and I think it will play an important role in the broader discourse about what kind of economy do we want and need to support our social goals.

I’m glad to be on board.

8 thoughts on “My intellectual journey takes a slightly new direction

  1. David –

    This is exciting news indeed. CIRPPA is a quality organization and, of course, you are a quality guy.

    All the best,


  2. Congratulations for yourself AND l’Université de Moncton who will be gaining yet another proficient public policy fellow within its ranks. We will closely be following your work.

  3. Congratulations David, you will make a fantastic Research Fellow for the CIRPPPA. They’re lucky to have you. I look forward to devouring the findings this collaboration produces!

  4. Congratulations David;

    The CIRPPPA will benefit from your insight. It will be interesting to follow your work.

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