My Twitter dilemma

I probably need a tutorial on the use of Twitter.  I would like to follow a lot more folks (500 follow @jupia – I follow 100) but I honestly don’t know how to manage time.  Even with the 100 – I try to diligently go through them several times a day and end up spending probably close to an hour or more (including clicking on links).    I see these folks signing up for @jupia that follow 500, 1,000 – even more and it seems to me they rarely if ever read most of those feeds so what is the point?  Is there some broader point to following thousands of feeds if you never could keep up with them all?

I know there are programs that prioritize your favourites and try to weed out crap but I still like the idea of having a discrete list of Twitter feeds that provide me with valuable insight or refreshing commentary.

I don’t know how bigger my list will get – more and more of the news outlets I go to directly are using Twiitter -but again I have to sift through more and more useless statements to get to the good ones.