Draft Frank McKenna: Part 1

I think the government should ask Frank McKenna to be the first chairman of Invest NB.   He is unique in that he has been on both sides of the decision – as the person selling NB and the person being sold to (in his role as Vice Chair of TD).    He is likely the most influential and high profile business person from NB these days – outside NB.  And, not least, it would show Alward is sincere with this bit about ‘doing things differently’. 

I’m not sure if McKenna would say yes but I think he could be convinced.  I believe he still has a strong passion for NB and I always felt he had ‘unfinished business’ when he left in 1997.  This could be an excellent way for him to help his home province without a lot of effort.  The chair role would involve a few meetings a year and, hopefully, some strategic support on the large investment files.   It would be great if Bob MacLeod could trot in McKenna, Ganong, etc. when trying to court a high profile multinational firm.