Mothers and Messaging

I have been accused of taking a simplistic tone in my columns and here on the blog.  In fact, someone once ran my blog through some kind of filter and found I write at about a Grade 6 level. At first I was a bit annoyed by that but I remain a pragmatist.

My mother has been reading my column lately and her conclusion is that she has no idea what I am talking about but she senses that I care about the province and its future. 

Good enough for me.

3 thoughts on “Mothers and Messaging

  1. Coming from somebody who has both studied and participated firsthand in economic and political messaging to this province from other parts of Canada, I can tell you, it is important that your mother and people less educated than her (I take it she is educated) understand and receive your message. If not, you are not reaching a majority.

    I always found that was a problem with Bernard Lord’s communications strategy when he stumped. Too busy using useless acronyms that many didn’t understand instead of being straight forward and simplistic. In the end, it just didn’t register.

  2. Your message reaches the widest possible audience at what computer programs say are at the grade 8 level.

    Your accusers would do as well to generate the reasoned debate oft seen on these posts of yours, David. At the end of the day they are still reading you, and are free to comment in an elevated manner if they so choose. We may all learn from it, although I have my doubts.

  3. The style is not a problem, some are more technical than others, its the presentation. If you REALLY want change, you need to talk to ‘changers’, and who is that? If you just want to ‘educate’ people in these matters, thats one thing, although I still suspect that reading the papers every day will have a greater effect, some good, some bad, than one blog.

    Again, over at Facebook there are a couple of people going to run as independants, and maybe a few more may pop up over the summer. Sadly, the one guy who seems to be practically campaigning on Facebook, though I couldnt’ tell you what riding he’s in, pretty much sounds like a member of the conservative party.

    A grade eighter may UNDERSTAND the blog, but its doubtful a grade eighter would be interested in the blog. And like I say, I’ve followed the blog for years and apart from ‘I want us to do better’ I can’t pick out a single policy issue that is being pushed. So in some sense its much like the ‘anti french’, ‘anti finn’ arguers at the chess tournament. Its just ‘anti’ different things. Although I’ll agree that being ‘anti’ something necessitates being ‘pro’ something. As a former business student who must have taken at least one marketing course, David misses that essential point of marketing – ‘what I am supposed to DO’. What are people supposed to take from this blog? How is it supposed to affect their day? Are they just supposed to ‘distrust government’-well guess what, most ALREADY do that, with no prompting.

    Sorry to be making so many comments today. My main interest in New Brunswick has always been the Residential Tenants Act, and now FINALLY, after six years, I’ve just found out that roomers and boarders have basic human rights. While its a well run blog, I doubt I’ll be much interested in NB in the future so I thought I’d purge after bingeing for six years. Good luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are blogs much like this when we move to northern ontario.

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