The Quality of ‘the strenuous’ life

This is supposed to be titled Quality of the strenuous life. Not sure what happened.   It’s my column today in the TJ.  Not sure if this is one of my finer columns over the years but I am trying to make a point.  We have touched on the issue briefly here in the past couple of weeks.  Specifically, this idea of expatriates moving back to New Brunswick to get away from the rat race, scale back their work life and take advantage of NB’s quality of life.

Now I know I am entering on a sacrosanct area here so I will tread lightly.  I believe a fundamental reason why people would want to move here is the quality of life and yes, that does mean less of a ‘rat race’ – whatever that may mean.

But it doesn’t mean that we want people to move here in their 40s and 50s and settle into a kind of pre-retirement where they don’t take their career seriously.  I want people to move here but I want them to take the skills and talents they have built elsewhere and put them to use here.

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