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  3. Date Posted: 07:56:14 04/21/09 Tue

    Just a brief visit to offer my view on where thiungs seem to be headed in Canadian politics.

    Consistent polling is showing a trend toward the Liberals at the expense of the Tories and NDP. The Tories are bleeding profusely in Quebec and to a degree in Ontario.

    Some of this may be attributed to a lashing out against the party in power during tough times. This is something that would not be worrisome IF there was a majority government.
    For the record, though there are things about the Tories I am not happy with. for the most part, they have provided solid leadership at a time when such is sorely lacking in the west, especially the USA and the UK. Canada is faring much better than most countries, and the Tories have not managed to screw that up.
    Moreover, Mr. Harper is cutting a figure on the world stage, making canada a respected player again, something not seen since the days of Mulroney, and, -like him or not-Trudeau.
    Quebec is the real trouble spot for canada (surprise, surprise), and not neccessarily due to the economy. The Tories are being badly battered by the way Mr. Harper handled the funding cuts to “the Arts”… as if we should be paying for what somebody (after all, someone always decides where funds are to be allocated) decides is art worth funding.
    Nevertheless, its a sacred cow for many Quebecois. Since the election, Mr. harper has done little to mend the fences either. I have said it time and again, as long as Quebec remains part of canada, the path to a majority government runs through that Province and requires winninga minimum 20 seats.
    Given some of the recent numbers, it woudl appear tha the Tories stand to lose all but a handful of their Quebec seats, and possibly everything.
    The Liberals under Iggy have made a resurgence in the province, and rece3nt polls suggest that they are clearly the Federalist alternative once again.
    If the Libs siphon off Tory support in their Quebec city/Beauce strongholds, the Bloc could sneak in and win most if not all of those seats. (Beauce is the exception, since a federalist will win that no matter what, be it a Lib or a Tory).
    Meanwhile in the West, the Tories remain a powerhouse.
    Downeast would pobably remain pretty stable.
    The Libs stand to gain in Ontario at the expense of Jack Layton and his socialist horde who overplayed their hand back in December, and who have never recovered. Many people who parked thei votes with the Dipsticks in October on account of Dion will now switch back.
    the decline of the NDP may be the one thing that keeps the Tories aflaot since Jacko probably will not be too anxious to have another election.

    Given current trends, here is how I see an election playing out, if called right now:
    NF: Lib: 7 CP 0 NDP 0
    NS: Lib 6 CP 3 NDP 1 Ind 1 (assuming Casey rus again)
    NB: Lib 5 CP 4 NDP 1
    QC: BQ:48 Lib: 23 CP:4 NDP 0
    ON: Lib 49 CP: 49 NDP:8
    MB CP 9 NDP 4 Lib 1
    SK: CP 13 Lib 1
    AB CP 28
    BC Lib 5 NDP 7 CP 24
    YK Lib
    WA NDP
    NV CP

    Totals: Libs 100 (+/6)
    CPC: 117 (+/-6)
    NDP: 22 (+/-4)
    BQ: 48 (+/-4)

    Bottom line, Harper has 2 choices: Either find a way to annihilate Iggy and the Libs in Ontario, or mend fences in Quebec.


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    Disagree with all of it Nola
    (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/ 07:58:14 04/21/09 Tue
    Gee, SHOCKER! — Dennis, 08:08:38 04/21/09 Tue (bas6-hamilton14-1176216343.dsl.bell.ca/
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    We’ll see — Dennis, 08:14:46 04/21/09 Tue (bas6-hamilton14-1176216343.dsl.bell.ca/
    Even so — Neal, 08:18:15 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/
    Harp has failed at — everything, 08:30:35 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    contrast the reasoned — overview of, 09:14:37 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    LOL you can rah rah rah — all you like, 09:18:11 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    dribble, drivle — drivle, dribble, 09:20:16 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Stop typing with your — gloves on, 09:21:13 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    What do you mean ‘buggered — up Quebec’?, 08:35:32 04/21/09 Tue (bas1-toronto09-1279544152.dsl.bell.ca/
    Quebec will go BQ and Liberal — Anonymeme, 08:49:09 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    Harp wants national — division, 09:01:30 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    Stop with your rubbish — Get serious .., 09:07:38 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    She is so — shallow, 09:14:13 04/21/09 Tue (fctnnbsc27w-142166206065.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net/
    LOL look who’s talking! (NT) — Nola, 09:14:45 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    Control yerself and stop yer — silly trolling, 09:16:44 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    LOL look who’s talking! (NT) — Nola, 09:19:02 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    she really is frantic — and so partisan, 09:19:16 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Sorry, not interested in party — politics, 09:20:23 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/

    Forgot PEI Neal
    (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/ 08:05:48 04/21/09 Tue
    Doesnt everybody — ah, 10:38:39 04/21/09 Tue (d206-116-10-128.bchsia.telus.net/
    Hi AH — Neal, 11:05:24 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/

    Sounds good,except if he
    (fctnnbsc27w-142166206065.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net/ 08:16:23 04/21/09 Tue

    On pause Bugs
    (bas1-toronto09-1279544152.dsl.bell.ca/ 08:28:50 04/21/09 Tue
    Hi Bugs — Neal, 08:49:49 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/
    Quebec’s raison d’etre — to — sabotage Canada, 09:26:45 04/21/09 Tue (bas1-toronto09-1279544152.dsl.bell.ca/
    Alberta has separatists — Nola, 09:32:33 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    Quebec will never change — Believe it, 09:38:48 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    Why would quebec change — they have, 09:40:56 04/21/09 Tue (fctnnbsc27w-142166206065.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net/
    I wholeheartedly agree — Neal, 11:01:04 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/
    Well while U rearrange Quebec — to suit yerself, 11:06:11 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    It will never happen … — Anonymeme, 11:08:02 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    Nola shut up — already, 11:12:58 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Cons don’t support freedom — of speech, 11:18:18 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    Harper is Bad — Harper is Bad, 11:34:51 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Go find a Con site to — whine on, 11:46:07 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    Harper is Fat — Harper is ugly, 11:50:56 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Very true. — Nola, 11:52:03 04/21/09 Tue (dyn216-8-154-228.ADSL.mnsi.net/
    As long as the BQ — Neal, 11:15:55 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/
    Neal agree with you for — the most part, 11:31:08 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    I factored those in — Neal, 12:00:03 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-kingston08-1168066167.dsl.bell.ca/
    I agree the NDP is the — wild card .., 11:58:09 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/

    Neal … my good man Anonymeme
    (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/ 08:34:41 04/21/09 Tue
    21 seats short in your total — 308 seatrs?, 09:08:48 04/21/09 Tue (host.standardpacific.com/
    Quebec will go Liberal and BQ — Anonymeme, 09:40:12 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    And if you had any Ideas — that, 09:59:03 04/21/09 Tue (fctnnbsc27w-142166206065.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net/
    White Niggers of America — FLQ Vallieres, 10:21:50 04/21/09 Tue (bas3-london14-1096778723.dsl.bell.ca/
    Wonder why they never — get with it?, 10:31:21 04/21/09 Tue (fctnnbsc27w-142166206065.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net/

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