5 thoughts on “Massive corporate tax cuts

  1. That’s a very clever way to put it 🙂
    Tax cuts in NB at this time is irresponsible at best.

  2. We’ve also completed the phase out of the Large Corporation Capital Tax. We eliminated $40 million of revenue, and counterbalanced it by cutting funds for school libraries.


  3. The New Brunswick Government has always had to work hard to see that the taxes and transfer payments go to the right places. Those places that best assure that NB Premiers never have to work again. And selected friends. So don’t waste too much time on economic analysis.
    Reminds me of the 800 million green dollars that went to Irving to place diesel-powered generators and aerodynamic skirting on their trailers. lol. Should put aerodynamic skirting on the somebody and blast them off.

  4. The benefits of a decrease in tax tend to be distributed to the largest firms. It is no surprise then that the NB Business Council effusively endorses the approach.

    SMEs may receive less than $3 per week assuming that the net income is sufficient to allow for the write-off.

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