A little free advice to the pols

Here’s a little free advice to the politicians. If you are getting positive coverage of a budget on the editorial page of the Times & Transcript you are doing something wrong.   For example, the T&T says:

The Graham government has correctly heeded public opinion and decided not to impose a carbon tax or increase the Harmonized Sales Tax. To put more tax on consumption at a time when most families are struggling to pay for essentials would have taken us down the wrong road.

That is exactly the kind of misinformation that ensures that nothing substantive ever gets done.  The idea of increasing consumption tax would have included a deep cut in income taxes which could have been used for “families struggling to pay for the essentials” only they get the choice.  With high personal income taxes they don’t get the choice.

Do you think it is possible to turn a ship around hard without spilling a few drinks?

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  1. FORT FAIRFIELD (NEWS CENTER) — The 28 employees who work at the Boralex plant in Fort Fairfield won’t be losing their jobs this summer after all.

    Boralex has just signed a two-year contract with New Brunswick Power Generation Corporation. The Fort Fairfield plant generates electricity by burning wood chips.

    The plant shut down at the end of February when the company it was contracted with lost the bid for standard offer rate in northern Maine. Operations are expected to restart by the end of the month.

    What is going on here? Boralex lost the contract to NB Hydro? What is that smell? Burning Dalhousie biomass?

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