The Campbells are coming, hurrah hurrah

Anybody know this guy?

Memorial University’s acting president has been recommended to take on the presidency at the University of New Brunswick, a year after the Newfoundland and Labrador government rejected him for Memorial’s top job. In a message posted Tuesday on Memorial’s website, Eddy Campbell said the University of New Brunswick’s presidential search committee is unanimously supporting his candidacy for the position.

Pretty important job.

1 thought on “The Campbells are coming, hurrah hurrah

  1. Just heard that he is a straight shooting steady as she goes guy.
    Not sure how exciting math researchers can be but he was interviewed on CBC this morning and sounded reasonable. Looks like he can keep UNB afloat; one wonders if that is all they (and NB) need at this point.

    Apparently Newfoundland consider him a loss as they wanted him for MUN pres until Danny Williams vetoed it.

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