Population calculations

There is a letter to the editor in the TJ today that is worth reading if you are interested at all in the population situtation in New Brunswick.

Regarding your Jan. 31 article “Honey I shrunk the population!”, the Census, conducted every five years, is the most authoritative source for population counts. Since it is impossible to have a census every year, Statistics Canada puts considerable effort into producing the most accurate estimates of population as possible between censuses.

It does so by estimating population trends using administrative data on births, deaths and migration.

It is a routine and necessary practice for statistical agencies to use the best estimates available, and to make adjustments when more definitive data from censuses become available.

We would appreciate it if you brought this to the attention of your readers.


Director, Demography Division Statistics Canada

2 thoughts on “Population calculations

  1. So ,its been brought to my attention, so whats new ?
    You were guessing yesterday and still guessing today!
    The best have gone west!

  2. It’s an important point considering the government is using these ‘estimates’ to say there is current population growth. They need to be very careful as in recent years, population estimates for NB have been biased upwards.

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