Pizza: the Serengeti Plain of Economic Development

Economic developers can learn a lot from the pizza industry.  It is truly the Serengeti Plain of economic develpment.   There are national pizza chains, regional chains, local specialty pizza parlours, cheap pizza, mid range pizza specialty pizzerias.   They come and go on almost on a monthly basis.   The process of creative destruction is nowhere more evident than in the pizza biz.

Papa John’s is coming to Atlantic Canada – first to Moncton.

This crazy mix of firms, innovation, price competition, etc. ends up providing consumers in a small market like Moncton with a massive number of choices and options.

Let’s eat.

1 thought on “Pizza: the Serengeti Plain of Economic Development

  1. That’s a little unfair, pizza chains usually don’t disappear, but individual restaurants do. But the pizza industry is a good example of maritime ingenuity and cohesiveness. There certainly isn’t an ‘ontario chain’ of pizza parlours. Pizza Delight has grown across the maritimes, to an extent Greco chugged along, not sure if they’re still around or not. Finally, pizza twice is beginning to expand as well. For a small population base pizza is a real example of how maritimers support their own. Here in ontario its all ‘boston pizza’ and american chains. One of the things I miss most are pizza twice and greco pizza’s. Fat factories to be sure, but sooooo good!

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