Happy Birthday NB!

I see that Ottawa is celebrating New Brunswick’s 225 anniversary. 

The 31st annual Winterlude festival, which begins Feb. 6, will feature “the world’s largest ice lobster” and other East Coast-inspired highlights as part of a celebration of New Brunswick’s 225th anniversary. The focus of activity on the weekend of Feb. 13 will be the 225th anniversary of the founding of New Brunswick as a British colony. Several venues will celebrate Acadian traditions in song, dance and storytelling. Visitors  will also be able to admire the giant ice lobster and snack on a LobsterTail, the New Brunswick spinoff of the ever-popular Winterlude pastry produced by BeaverTails.

Uh.  Are we?  Celebrating that is?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday NB!

  1. http://dailygleaner.canadaeast.com/front/article/549179

    Here is something to celebrate.

    This will bring an end to the ruinous insertion of detrimental stuff into our education system by ,that years so called experts ,who disappear into the Neanderthal when accountability for failure is asked for,at same time getting rid of garbled speaking opinionated professors of dubious real educating qualifications!

    I knew this was coming,and also knew those of sinister ideas knew also and were trying to get control of this Idea,
    I trust Mr Lamrock,who certainly seems to be all for our Children will keep these ever encroaching denominational bunch at bay.

  2. “The focus is the establishment of N.B. as a British colony…while Acadians sing and dance.”
    I had to read that twice.

  3. Yes there are some great Acadian fiddle players. Although the great activity is dying out, since the people have much less time to enjoy it, working the 40 hours week after week with the Government or Government designated affiliates.
    I notice every weekend ,now, the Irish fiddling hoedowns drawing huge crowds.Hmmm Its Fun!

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