Educating Americans

We know that a lot of central and western Canadians have skewed perceptions of Atlantic Canada but most of us think the average American doesn’t have any view of Atlantic Canada at all.

I’ll be in Seattle briefly next week. Maybe I should stop into the Seattle Times to try and correct some perceptions. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Times:

Every day, Shell flies a Boeing 727 into the company’s private airstrip to rotate crews of workers from impoverished regions in Atlantic Canada.

This article is actually a pretty good one on the challenges associated with developing Alberta’s oilsands. I just bristle when I read a journalist use ‘impoverished’ and ‘Atlantic Canada’ in the same sentence. There may be companies in the readership area of the Seattle Times that are looking at this region for business investment. Who knows? Do they want to invest in a dynamic, emerging economy or an improverished region?