Self Sufficiency: Defined

Interesting stuff. I had made the statement that self sufficiency = elimination of Equalization until an astute blogger commented that the definition never made it into the final Self sufficiency agenda and the Premier never equated the two again. I checked and sure enough, the “self sufficiency = elimination of Equalization” definition has not entered the political lexicon since the agenda was actually launched.

So now we have the Minister Social Development, Mary Schryer, making this statement in a TJ op-ed piece:

Premier Shawn Graham has laid out an ambitious goal for our province: end New Brunswick’s reliance on federal equalization payments and transform our province into a self-sufficient one by 2026.

Anybody have any ‘inside baseball’ knowledge here? Is self sufficiency the elimination of federal equalization? Or is “end New brunwick’s reliance” different? How do we define ‘reliance’? Do I hear a Donald Rumsfieldian discussion emerging?

Can anybody conclusively tell me that “self sufficiency = elimination of Equalization” by 2026?

If you can’t tell by now I get annoyed with politico-speak. Former Premier Lord used to insert the term “prosperity plan” into every second sentence. “Hey, Premier, where you going? “To get a sandwich. Supporting small sandwich shops is part of my prosperity plan.”

I just thought that Graham had morphed (via Mo Robichaud) self sufficiency into a generic term after I read him saying we had to be healthy to be self sufficient.