Comparing wages

Some of you prefer less pontificating and more hard data so here is some for you to chew on. It is a few occupational categories and the median earnings for full time, full year workers from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses. You will be happy to know (although Brad Green is still cranky about it) that while the median earnings for all full time, full year workers went up by 2% of the five year period, health occupation wages went up 21%. And to rub salt in old Brad’s wounds,
Senior Government Managers & Officials median earnings went up 22% (or ten times the average joe) and they still booted Green out on his arse.

Maybe meaningful work and a sense of direction for most public sector workers is just as important as wage increases. That would be my sense from working with public sector workers in the ED area.

Take a look at my chart and then play around with the raw data here.