Being Ed Doherty

Fun stuff:

Daily Gleaner
Our economy is extremely strong and we are moving forward,” Doherty said Friday morning.

Canadian Press (TJ)
“The labour force has grown significantly over the last few months, and once again this demonstrates the New Brunswickers have confidence in our economy and our strategies to create a self-sufficient province,” Dr. Ed Doherty….

Times & Transcript
Labour Minister Ed Doherty is lauding the most recent New Brunswick unemployment numbers released by Statistics Canada…

This is why I dislike spin doctors. Always have. Always will. Don’t get me wrong. I respect their profession and I have seen them tidy up a pile of crap and make it look like a chocolate cake but ultimately, when the stakes are as high as New Brunswick’s future, I think the spinners should either be a) fired or b) retasked to spin out a sense of urgency among the populace rather than lull them into a dopey sleep.

So, in the spirit of friendly advice, he is how I would have spun the last two months of labour market data:

“We are deeply concerned about the downturn in the forestry sector,” said Dr. Doherty. “It is unacceptable that upwards of several thousand of our people are forced to work in Alberta and send their cheques back to New Brunwick.” “We need all New Brunswickers to come together…. yadda yadda yadda.