Interesting and important issue

I am not sure we have to read about this in the national papers. It is not even a negative piece on the Irvings – just a good overview of them and their business interests. One would think this should be one of the most important stories in New Brunswick right now as the Irvings employ tens of thousands of people in a diverse group of businesses ranging from oil to newspapers.

It’s hard to know for sure, but my guestimate is that they control around 65% of the province’s total exports and employ – this is a wild stab – around 50,000 people in refineries, mills, factories, retail stores, marketing firm, media, etc.

As a result, any major changes to their business structure could have a very significant impact on New Brunswickers.

So, to New Brunswick’s media, I ask you to tell us this story. Not in a jaded or skewed way – just tell us the story.