Making the case for better research

I read this morning that the Province of Ontario and Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie are giving The Waterloo-based Centre for International Governance Innovation $34 million – to “dispense economic research and advice to the government, businesses and the general public. The research institution plans to focus on how other countries are meeting their energy needs, economic growth in China and India, and Canada’s relationship with the Caribbean region”.

I have said before that one of New Brunswick’s biggest problems is the lack of good research on how to grow the province’s economy. I am talking about research tailored specifically to this province and as free from vested interests as possible. I know that we all come at this thing from a specific ideological viewpoint but I still believe there can be relatively unbiased research.

Look at Ontario. They have so much research in this area that it is coming out their ears.

There is some research done in this area for New Brunswick but it is limited.

Here are some research topics that are woefully lacking:

-The role of FDI in revitalizing an economy such as New Brunswick. An unvarnished view of the pros and cons of FDI and the interplay with local business growth.

-Trying to support small business growth as the main pillar of economic development. A 30 year review of the experience of New Brunswick. Has it worked? A comparative study.

-Studying out-migration. Impacts – specifically on New Brunswick.

-Applicable models of successful rural development. Innovative approaches.

-Real statistics. FDI, real entrepreneurship, capital formation, venture capital – New Brunswick economy.

-Series of working papers on best practices in local economic development – with specific application to New Brunswick.

-Best practice models of economic development organization and funding models.

Too bad we don’t have any benevolent billionaires willing to cough up $17 million.

So you will have to settle for biased bloggers, vested interests and disinterested media.

Begin the Beguine.