A really different kind of farming

I was involved a few years ago with David Jonah making a pitch for a ‘smart city’ project.

Now the problem with David is that he seems to be just a little bit ahead of the rest of us and that can be problematic.

The date was something like 1998 and David was talking about ‘server farms’ in his part of our proposal. We all scrambled to figure out what the heck he was talking about. I googled the term and only found a few obscure references. This was particularly problematic as our proposal had to be bilingual. Imagine trying to find the right French term for server farm in 1998. I think I ended up with something like “ferme de serveur” or some such thing.

Anyway, it’s all server farms these days. Iowa, upstate New York, Oregon, South Carolina. Not New Brunswick.

A different kind of farming to be sure.

Maybe we should put Jonah in charge of things.