This is not your father’s Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Canada put out a press release yesterday entitled:

Canada is Not for Sale: Protecting Our Economic Sovereignty

In which it served up the standard claptrap about the perils of foreign direct investment (apparently the Conservatives are proposing changes that might encourage more foreign companies to invest here).

What’s amazing to me is that this is the Liberal Party of Canada. You know: Trade Team Canada. Remember the PM and Premiers flying around the world to attract investmen to Canada?

Now they are fighting against the evils of foreign investment?

Funny stuff. Outward investment from Canada is more than double inward investment from the world over the most recently reported four year period (OECD data).

Apparently not only have the federal Liberals become a one issue party (Green) they must have fired anybody that understands economic development. During the 1990s (ahem, under the Liberals) inward investment was higher than outward investment. And that fuelled unprecedented economic expansion. Maybe Stephane Dion wasn’t around then…

You’ve come a long way baby.

This ain’t your father’s Liberal Party.

Interestingly, this morning I can’t find this press release anywhere on the Libs web site. Hmmmm.